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Welcome to the Ca de Bou community designated for North American breeders & owners of rare and pure breed!

The sole purpose of this website is to introduce the pure breed Ca de Bou to the North American dog lovers! Searching this breed in Canada or USA will return you with the limited result. It is a really RARE breed in here! On this site you will find the extremely high blood species holding FCI registered pedigree imported from well known breeders of Puerto Rico and Europe. Read the information about breed, feeding, training. Learn what to expect and how-to deal with real Mallorquin Bulldog. We always inviting other CDB owners to join us!

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Contact us if you are the Ca de Bou owner with FCI pedigree living in Canada or United States and want your dog to be listed here for free!
Regarding to a Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) list the Majorca Mastiff is the only listed in Aurora, CO, USA. There are no reasons to worry about this breed to be banned in the future due to it's wise temperament! The appearance may look too dangerous and the jaws seems to be strong but Presa Mallorquin is an obedient watch dog!
other breed' names
Ca de Bou, Mallorca Mastiff, Majorca Mastiff, Perro de Presa Mallorquin, Mallorquin Bulldog,  Dogo Mallorquin, Presa Mallorquin

latest news & impressions

Goya (Toronto) and Primo (Miami) have been bred. Seven great pure breed Ca de Bou puppies were born in November 2013 and successfully found the responsible owners! Next litter is planned on the end of 2015. Please read breed specifics & educate yourself about this rare pure breed before become a Ca de Bou owner.

Ca de Bou specifics!

On this web site are building the local Mallorquin Bulldog  community of North America that doesn't exist yet. There are many web resources with a different information in different languages about Presa Mallorquin and every Ca de Bou owner may stopples speak about his/her dog pointing on ...